Tree Surgeon Leicester are professional, and we care for the tree

Tree Felling

Tree felling is the process of cutting down an unwanted tree from an area. It has to be done with care and by taking a uniquely safe way.

Lawn Services

We are working on lawn services of big tree cutting, construction places and forests near the home. Our main service is to keep the property safe and to look beautiful. From weed control to lawn care, we keep our work professional.​

Crown Reduction

The crown reduction is the clipping technique to remove the extra weight from the tree branch end. This new and healthy branch with the new crown will grow again.

"Let's make your garden beautiful and green!"

Tree and Shrub Planting

Tree and shrub planting is the job that you have to do in the right way. You have to consider the soil condition, weather, root health, and after maintenance.

Tree Pruning & Shaping

To let your tree grow strong and healthy, tree pruning and shaping are must require.

Tree Consultation

To know about the health of your trees in your garden or the forest near your home or the construction place you are working, you can take tree consultation. This consultation has services like analyzing the tree structure, pest damage, signs of falloff, and more.

Why Choose Us

Tree surgeon Leicester is working with tree surgery Leicester from 1995. We are famous for our services like tree surgery Leicester, tree removal Leicester, tree cutting Leicester, Leicester tree care, tree stump removal Leicester, tree work Leicester, tree surgery Leicestershire. We work to deliver the work with care and satisfaction of our clients. Our team is fully efficient and works creatively. There is no record of us to leave the working site untidy as we do the cleaning and removing after the job was done. So, you will not have to worry about taking extra hassle after the work is done.

Proper Take Care

Working with the tree is not a simple job, but we do it professionally with care. We ensure safety first with quality work.


We work to give your tree a long and healthy life. We don’t just go and remove the tree without any reason. Removing a tree is our last option.


Tree surgeon Leicester is accurate in planning and promises the safety of the surroundings.

Personal service

If it required, we offer a personal meeting to talk about the problems, and it is totally cost-free.

Local service

Our service base is in Leicestershire. So, we know the area more than anyone.​

Good in communication

Our main motto is to keep our clients satisfied. We keep our communication with clients easy and fast.


We don’t have any hidden or secret costs. Our service is transparent and simple. we have pricing for everyone.

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What's Our Clients Say

Let real testimonials do the speaking! Pick the best and display them in this section.

Mr & Mrs Williams tree sergeon testimonial

Mr & Mrs Williams, Leicester.

“We had a garden, but it was not the one we expected before starting a garden. After getting a recommendation, we tried with tree surgeon Leicester, and yes, now we have the most beautiful garden in the town. The best tree service in Leicester.”

Robinson Crusoe tree service Testimonial
Robinson Crusoe

“ Transparent, friendly, professional tree service. Highly recommended”

Mate Fedrick​ tree service Testimonial
Mate Fedrick​

“ Tree pruning and shaping were done with care and professionalism. I am super impressed with their work. Keep up the good work.”


Carmen Haas tree service Testimonial
Carmen Haas

“ I was working on a construction site where the trees really needed care. So I called Tree surgeon Leicester, and I was not wrong.”

tree cutting in leicester image

Questions & Answers(FAQ)

Tree surgeon Leicester loves to work and give the value of
each and every client. Sometimes clients need some answers about our services. We try to give full time to our clients, but to make the process easier- we have an FAQ section to give all the answers to frequently asked questions. If
you have more queries about any services of ours, please make a call to us and have all the information because we care.

Yes, all of our workers are the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Tree Worker and ISA Certified Arborist.

We provide tree services like Tree Felling, Tree Pruning & Shaping, Crown Reduction, Tree and Shrub Planting, Lawn Services, and Tree Consultation.

Fill-up the form in details and our tree surgeon will call you within 24 hours.

We, Tree surgeon Leicester have a full different department tree removal Leicester. In this department, we have all the professionals to work with your tree. We try our best to keep your tree safe and healthy, and removing the tree is our last option. If your tree really needs to be removed, then we ensure your property stays safe, and no damage happens while removing the process. We use us every power and knowledge to keep the removal process impact less on your property.

A proper pruning helps your tree to grow healthy, increase the production of fruit and flower, removes the damaged branches, and improves the tree health. You have to do pruning in the right way and in proper time. It also reduces the fall of dead branches. If you do the pruning right, the tree structure will get improved. Your tree will stay healthy and have a long life.

Tree surgeon Leicester is always there to serve in your area any time you want.