We, tree surgeon in Leicester, have the best arborists to work with your trees. The tree needs proper care; it is for letting them stay healthy and give you a fresh environment as long as it can. Our main motto is to help to save the green environment. So, we work with every possible and effective option with trees and surroundings. We provide reliable, friendly and professional tree surgeon Leicester and associated services in Leicestershire. As we provide different services, you can use consult with us about what service you require for your garden.

Tree Felling Leicester

Tree felling is the process to remove the tree completely. Removing a tree is not an easy task. It takes technique and different safety precaution to do the job properly. We remove all types of trees, be it any size. But we carefully cut the tree in pieces without damaging any area or buildings. After removing the tree, we clean your garden. So, you don’t have to face any mess after we leave the area. If any of your trees have any kind of preservation order, we handle it professionally. After getting permission, tree removing task is done properly.

Tree Pruning & Shaping Leicester

We are professional arborists to provide tree pruning and shaping in Leicester. A perfect pruning and shaping require skill, the technique of science and correct way. Because of a not done perfectly pruning tree cause harm in many ways. And a proper shape let the tree grow in a proper way. Because sometimes tree outgrows in the garden space. In the summer or spring, trees require trimming. We do this with care. To make the side branches short and attractive, pruning is required. By this damaged wood gets removed, sunlight can get through quickly. While pruning, professional work slowly and carefully. Sometimes a tree will require removing the entire crown for many reasons. While crown lifting, the lower branches get removed. For the crown lifting, the tree shade gets visible. To let more light in the tree, a thinning crown is required. But we do it properly by not damaging the appearance.

Crown Reduction Leicester

To reduce the size of the tree, the crown reduction required. In this process, the branches and stems can be removed or trimmed the height or spread branches of the tree. Decreasing the crown is done for beautifying purpose. And also if the stems or branches gets heavy for the tree, crown reduction is needed. Our pruning technique is to prune the branches from tips to the crown. This technique helps to keep the shape of the tree perfect. Our professional tree surgeon Leicester will do the crown reduction by cutting correctly in the right place. By this, the tree remains in size per client’s requirement.

"Let's make your garden beautiful and green!"

Tree and Shrub Planting Leicester

We like to replace after removing a tree. By this, the surrounding stay green and healthy. We help in tree and shrub planting. You have to know about your ground, is it suitable to plant the tree and shrub that you are wanting. Because certain tree and shrub need the right soil type. And if your property can provide enough water, the shrub or tree requires. It is not only making a hole and planting a tree. The planting process is much more than that. Planting needs the right techniques and methods to make the planting perfect from the beginning. Our service is to advise about the type of plant and shrub that will suit your garden soil. We love to do that. We have expert and professional advice. They will guide you in the right planting procedures.

Tree Consultation Leicester

If you have trees in your garden, our advice is to check the tree health regularly. It is to maintain tree health and prevent any unwanted diseases or problems. For bad weather and high winds, strong trees can get damaged easily. Tree Consultation Leicester will visit to check the trees regularly. By this your tree will stay healthy and damaged branches will be taken care of. We help to keep your garden clean and tidy. When you need professional tree consultation, just contact with us. Our tree experts give services all around the Leicester area. We help you to look after and maintain all types of trees. Just call the tree surgery Leicestershire. We want to keep your trees to be healthy and strong for your fresh environment.

Lawn Services Leicester

To maintain the garden and ground, we provide special lawn care service. Our Lawn Services Leicester includes moss treatment, target herbicide and apply the right fertilizer. With our service, we promise you to have healthy and unwanted plant free lawn all the time. We provide service in three seasons: spring, summer and winter. To remove the soil plugs, we use the machine that helps to create cavities. By this, the grassroots get proper nutrients and oxygen as the soil gets to improve. This process is far better than spiking lawn and reducing earth compaction. Scarifying the soil helps to remove dead organic from the surface. By this, the soil gets to improve and helps to grow the grass, and the soil allows to moisture, nutrients and airflow in the grass root. We provide this service if your lawn requires.